One Year Warranty

Customers who bought from are guaranteed with a 12-month free repair warranty.

How to Claim a Warranty

  1. Please be sure to open the parcel and check the items before signing for the package, open the parcel in the post officer’s presence.
  2. If you found the parcel damaged, or empty (stolen) when opening it, please ask the logistics courier to provide an official document, especially the claim request paper.
  3. Contact us by email with the following information: Your order ID, photos or video that shows the problem.
  4. We usually reply in 48 hrs and we will surely try our best to solve the problem. Please do not leave negative feedback or open dispute directly.

Classification of Warranty

  • For non-human damage.

We support the 1-year warranty counted from the date of purchase. Within 1 year from the purchase date, the buyer can return items for repairs.

Buyers should be covered for the shipping fees for sending the item back, while we pay for the shipping fees for sending the repaired item back to the buyer.

(2) For man-made damage.

2.1 If you need to replace the parts of the phone which damaged by man-made,  then you need to afford extra replacement parts and repair service costs. And also, two-way delivery freight.

2.2 If the phone is unusable due to man-made damage, we do not cover any repair costs and shipping fees.

What is man-made Damage?

Human-made damage refers to the damage of your mobile phone directly or indirectly and environmental factors, rather than the performance failure of the mobile phone host.

Man-made Damage Cases

  1. The mobile phone screen was broken due to improper use or improper protection by the customer.
  2. If the phone gets wet, damaged or unworkable due to long time immersed in water.
  3. Any problems caused by disassembling the phone without permission.
  4. Any problems caused by high temperature, strong magnetism and extrusion.
  5. The guarantee will be void if the user makes any changes or updates to the software or operating system which were not explicitly authorised by us.
  6. Above cases are some examples of man-made damage, we can not enumerate all the cases here.

If we cannot directly determine whether the external damage has an impact on the internal performance, therefore we cannot determine whether it is the direct cause of the mobile phone performance problem, then we need the relevant professional appraisal agency to issue an appraisal report. But we will deal with your problem in an attitude of honesty and credibility, mutual consultation and cooperation.

The Warranty Does Not Apply to the Following:

  1. The product is out of the peroid of warranty.
  2. Man-made damage. (Refer to the above man-made damage clause)
  3. Failure to operate in accordance with the instruction manual or connect non-Doogee accessories to cause damage to the phone or malfunction.
  4. Wear, cracks, breaks, holes, scorching, and desoldering of shell components other than the touch screen caused during the use.
  5. Product failure or damage caused by force majeure (such as earthquake, fire, lightning, voltage instability, etc.)
  6. Damage caused by using pirated software or infected by a virus.
  7. Unsupervised use by children under 18 years of age.

For all we know, very few of the companies would offer such long-period warranty as the high expense of the repair handling fee. While in, we devoting ourselves to helping and satisfying our respected customers is our permanent goal. Unless otherwise noted on the product page, the default product warranty period is one year starting from the date you bought the goods, during which you are eligible for free repair.

Any free repair needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer via Customer Service. Customers must pay the shipping fees for returning the item accordingly, while we will cover the shipping fees to send the repaired item back to the customer. If the buyer has damaged/misused the item(s), it will not be eligible for free repair, however, customers can return it at their own cost and pay a fee for the repair. Return shipping fees will be the customers’ responsibility in such cases.

For any other return information , please refer to the return and refund page.