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You'll find all the models of Ulefone thermal imaging phones in this catagory.

The thermal imaging phones from Ulefone are selling like hot cakes. They are Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra, Ulefone Power Armor 18T, as well as Ulefone Armor 11t.

What is Thermal Imaging Function?

Thermal imaging cameras effectively translate heat - that is, thermal energy - into visible light to analyze surroundings. So this makes them very versatile. Living things and mechanical equipment put out heat, making them visible to thermal devices even in the dark.

Thermal Imaging cameras can be very precise, requiring only a small amount of heat to work effectively.

What Thermal Imaging App being Used in Ulefone Thermal Phones?

There is an app '' My Flir'' pre-installed in the ulefone mobiles that have thermal imaging functions.

Benefits of a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Our thermal phones is a helpful tool for firefighters, electricians, law enforcement officers, and rescue teams in disaster areas. What's more, They are also great helpers in building inspection, maintenance, as well as optimization.

What are Thermal Cameras able to Detect?

A FLIR thermal camera can detect tiny differences in heat—as small as 0.01°C—and display them as shades of grey or with different color palettes.

Everything we encounter in our day-to-day lives gives off thermal energy—even ice. The hotter something is the more thermal energy it emits. This emitted thermal energy is a “heat signature.”

So when two objects next to one another have even subtly different heat signatures, they show up quite clearly to a thermal sensor regardless of lighting conditions. Therefore, this allows thermal cameras to see in complete darkness or smoke-filled environments.