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In this catagory, you will find all ulefone night vision phones. Ulefone armor 11 is the first night vision model from Ulefone. It's also a 5G phone. What's more, Armor 22 and Armor 17 pro also come with night vision cameras. The Armor 24 is the best seller of Ulefone Night Vision phones.

What is Night Vision Camera?

A night vision camera is an optoelectronic device that captures images in low-lightning conditions. The image may be a combination of visible light and infrared light.

How does a Night Vision Camera Work?

Active night vision systems involve a camera and a bright light that emits near infrared radiation (which happens to be invisible to the naked eye). The camera is sensitive to this light and picks it up. Passive night vision systems use an image intensifier tube to amplify existing light.