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This catagory includes all Ulefone large battery phones. You can check the details of each model by check on the product page.

The large battery rugged phones are mostly named ” power armor series”. They are rugged phones feature with massive battery that over 10,000mAh.

Our recommendations for large battery rugged phones are Ulefone Power Armor 14, Ulefone Power Armor 14 Pro and Ulefone Power Armor 13.

However, the Power Armor 18T, Power Armor 16 Pro as well as Power Armor x11 Pro is also selling like hotcakes in our store.

With these large battery mobile phones, you don’t have to worry about the low battery when you have something important to do while you have to finish it by your phone.

In most cases, these large battery rugged phones offer 3- 5 days battery lifi under nomar usage.