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Ulefone Armor 15 Built-in Earbuds (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY)

USD $ 59.99
Ulefone built-in earbuds for Armor 15 only. THE PHONE IS NOT INCLUDED

Ulefone Night Vision Camera Accessories (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY)

USD $ 79.99

Compatible with Ulefone Models: Armor 11T, Armor 11, Armor 9, Armor 9E, Armor 8, Armor 8 Pro, Armor 7, Armor 7E.

Ulefone Endoscope E1 (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY)

USD $ 79.89
Compatible Models:
Ulefone Armor 9/Armor 9e/ Power Armor 13

In this catagory, you will find the accessories that compatible with our rugged phones. They are very helpful in daily life.

For example, the endoscope is waterproof and comes with semi-rigid cable. therefore, you can use the endoscope into many hard-to-reach, narrow places at home or outdoors. Such as HVAC, vent pipe, car engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtube pipes, toilets, etc…

In addition, the night vision camera helps to create a vivid picture during night after connect it to your phone. Ad for the earbuds of Armor 15, it's just like a replacement if the original ones of armor 15 were missing.

You can check more specs of them by checking the product page above.