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Three of the Best Ulefone Rugged Phone Models in 2023

Ulefone is one of the Chinese rugged phone manufacturers and they are devoted to making high-quality rugged phones to sell them all around the world. Here we will make a review of the 3 BEST Ulefone rugged phones in 2023. In other words, these three models are the 3 most worth-buying models that you should buy from Ulefone. Keep reading if you are interested in this topic.

Top 3: Ulefone Power Armor 13

13200mAh Battery

As we all know, large batteries are becoming prominent on smartphones, especially on the rugged phones. The rugged smartphone market king, Ulefone is again gearing up for a launch of splendid smartphone carrying a massive 13200mAh battery. It would be the world’s largest battery smartphone once launched.

What’s more, it supports 33W fast charging. The battery-pack-slash-phone will not even take that long to charge, with a step up to decent mid-range 33W wired charging as opposed to the 18W standard with which most devices in its category are lumped. therefore, it greatly reduced the charging time of large battery phones. The 15W wireless charging is also one of the highlights. You will never see these annoying cables and countless plugs and unplugs.

The best notes Ulefone may have hit here may be that the Power Armor 13 is rated to function as a power bank – both wired and wireless to boot. In addtion, it also supports for 5W reverse charging. You can use it to keep your other home appliances power on. For example: Electric toothbrush, razor, mouse, other mobile phones, etc.

Infared Laser Rangefinder

The Ulefone Power Armor 13 is incorporated into an infrared rangefinder. With this function, you can use this power armor 13 rugged phone as a tool for length measure, area measure, volume measure as well as Pythagoras measure. It is an useful tool for home use.

6.81 Inch Display

In addition, the 13’s display specs have been skimmed over in its pre-launch teaser, it comes with a 6.81 inch screen carrying a Full HD+ resolution. The big-screen power armor 13 has a better audio and video effect, the field of view is broader, and there will be a better experience while watching the video, playing games, and web-browsing.

Furthermore, The screen touch of the big-screen phone will be more accurate. In the case of the same resolution, the bigger the screen, the more the touchpoint will be. So it can greatly improve the accuracy of the mobile phone’s touch screen.

Endoscope Supported

Ulefone power Armor 13 supported with the use of endoscope like the ulefone Armor 9. Features an expansion interface for connecting with a flexible endoscope on the left. It can be used with an endoscope to peek into hard-to-see areas, narrow or confined areas at home or outdoors to clean HVAC, vent pipes, car engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtub pipes, toilets and etc.

Support Night Vision Acc

The Ulefone power armor 13 also support with the night vision camera Acc. With the 1080P night vision camera, It allows you to take photos and videos in complete darkness. The IR light the camera uses is invisible, so it will not cause any interference. And it does not produce electromagnetic radiation, so there is no safety problem. If you enjoy observing wildlife, this infrared night camera will definitely be a good helper.

Top 2: Ulefone Power Armor 19

Three of the Best Ulefone Rugged Phone

9600mAh Battery

The Ulefone Power Armor 19 comes with a large battery of 9600mAh. A large 9600mAh battery keeps the power armor 19 lasts longer, with up to four days of normal use on a single charge. When you’re out working in the field or journeying through the woods, there is no need to stress over draining the battery, because it will have your back just like a trustworthy mate.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5

The Power Armor 19 features with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is tougher than normal glass, and provides superior protection against the drops, bumps, and damage that come with everyday use. What’s more, in lab tests, the 1.1 mm thick glass can survive drops onto hard surfaces from 1.5 meters and also delivers 2x the scratch resistance.

uSmart Expansion Connector

The custom uSmart Expansion Connector allows easy access to more professional accessories such as an endoscope, magnifier, night vision camera, etc. Therefore, with a simple installation, your Power Armor 19 can be turned into a professional-level device to boost your work.

Multi-Use Thermometer

The Power Armor 19 incorporates an advanced temperature sensor into the rear camera system to help with everyday work and life. It can measure body temperatures from 35 to 42 °C (±0.2°C accuracy), object temperatures from -20 to 80 °C (±0.5°C accuracy), and ambient temperatures from -20 to 80 °C. Furthermore, No complex steps are required — Just simply hold up the device to aim at the target, tap “Measure” on the screen, and you can get accurate readings in the blink of an eye.

120Hz Refresh Rate

The super 120Hz display refreshes twice as fast as a normal 60Hz screen for incredibly silky-smooth scrolling. In addition, a 240Hz touch sampling rate promises a quick response speed to take gaming to new heights.

Top 1: Ulefone Power Armor 18T

Three of the Best Ulefone Rugged Phone

108MP Revolutionary Rear Camera

Ulefone Power Armor 18T is the last one of the three of the best ulefone rugged phone. A 108MP rear main caemra is indeed something quite rare, even in the latest flagship phones from other Android competitors. Suprisingly, the power armor 18t features the new generation 108MP main camera empowered by Samsung’s ISOCELL HM2. The massive 1/1.52” sensor, armed with ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO technology, the camera absorbs more light to ensure better performance in low light, so you can capture vivid, lifelike images and stunning 4K video for every moment. Plus with a 9-in-1 pixel binning technology to enhance pixel size from 0.7µm to 2.1µm, the sensor can take incredibly clear photos, day or night.

In addtion, The 5MP f/3.0 microlens secondary camera is also amazing, with a powerful 60x magnification. You can much better examine tiny objects like roof cracks, circuit boards, small insects and rocks, jewelry and much more. As for the front camera, the 32MP will surely meet all your daily portrait and selfie needs.

120Hz Refresh Rate

A higher refresh rate allows a phone’s display to keep up with gaming action and reduces motion blur on video, but it can also make navigating around the interface feel more responsive than it would on a display with a lower refresh rate. Games look less choppy during frenetic action, video footage of fast-paced sports action appears smoother, and any jerkiness scrolling a long web page is reduced. To get the full benefit of a high refresh rate, you also need a high frame rate, and ideally, the two match.

Ulefone Power Armor 18T sports a high 120Hz refresh rate means the screen can refresh 120 times per second, twice as fast as a normal 60 Hz screen. Along with a 240Hz touch sampling rate it can deliver an incredibly silky-smooth experience, especially for gaming.

9600mAh Massive Battery

Low-battery anxiety is real. It’s not news that we all rely on our phones too much and we constantly use them and sometimes having 3 devices on at the same time. But with all this activity, it’s inevitable that the battery will be depleted and it almost always leaves a very unsettling feeling.

While Ulefone power armor 18t can effectively relief the feeling of overwhelming fear experienced as your smartphone battery dies. The Power Armor 18T’s 9600 mAh battery will give anybody peace of mind with 524 hours of standby and 39 hours of calls. Other cutting-edge specifications of this device include the 66W hyper-fast charge. Enabling the large battery with 9600mAh to charge to 20% in 10 minutes, 30% in 15 minutes and 52% in 30 minutes.

15W Qi wireless charging makes charging phone easier with a stronger sense of technology. Simply drop the phone on the charging pad. No cords, no clutter. It also supports the reverse wireless charging. The ability to turn the tables. For a wireless charging-capable phone or device to act as the charging station and be used to charge another wireless device. Be that another phone, tablet, or true wireless headphones.

uSmart Expansion Connector

Last aspects of the Ulefone power armor 18t review, you are close to finish it! The custom uSmart Expansion Connector on power armor 18t allows easy access to more professional accessories such as an endoscope, magnifier, night vision camera, etc. There fore, with a simple installation, the Power Armor 18T can be turned into a professional-level device to boost your work.

Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Launched in 2016, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 raised the bar for protection against damage from drops. In standard lab tests, Gorilla Glass 5 survives up to 1.2-meter, waist-high drops onto hard, rough surfaces. Competitive aluminosilicate, from other manufacturers, typically fails when dropped from less than 0.8 meters. Even better, Gorilla Glass 5 also delivers up to 2x improvement in scratch performance compared to competitive aluminosilicate glass. It all adds up to a perfect combination of protection and performance for today’s mobile devices.

The Power Armor 18T also come with the the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is tougher than normal glass, and provides superior protection against the drops, bumps, and damage that come with everyday use. What’s more, in lab tests, the 1.1 mm thick glass can survive drops onto hard surfaces from 1.5 meters and also delivers 2x the scratch resistance.

Wrap Up

That’s all the information about the three of the best Ulefone rugged phone models in 2023. These three models are selling like hot-cakes on Ulefone online store. For more information you can check the button under each model. Your comments are always welcomed if you have any other questions!

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