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Ulefone Armor 9 VS Oukitel WP7 in Full Specs

Ulefone Armor 9 VS Oukitel WP7 review

Ulefone Armor 9 and Oukitel WP7 are the most popular model from their brand. So, here today, we will make a comparison review of Ulefone Armor 9 VS Oukitel WP7 in full specs. Keep reading to find out the differences!

Design Comparison

First, we will compare them from the aspect of the size. Ulefone Armor 9 has a size of 168.2 mm x 82 mm x 15 mm while WP7 has a size of 174mm x 81mm x 17mm. So Oukitel WP7 is a little bit bigger than Armor 9 in its size.

In addition, Oukitel WP7 comes with 2 colors: Black and orange. Ulefone Armor 9 only has one classic color: Black.

They both share the same durability level as they are all rugged smartphones. They are all MIL-STD-810G certificated and IP68 & IP69k waterproof and shock proof as well as drop-proof.

Display Comparison

Oukitel WP7 has a 6.53 inch display while Armor 9 has a 6.3 inch screen which is smaller than WP7. What’s more, the screen resolution of them is the same: 1080×2340 Pixels. The Screen pixel density of Oukitel WP7 is 394.67 PPI while Ulefone Armor 9 is 424 ppi. Moreover, the Aspect Ratio of Armor 9 is 18:9, Oukitel WP7 has an Aspect Ratio of 19.5:9.

Chipset, Memory as well as OS Comparison

They both run on Helio P90 and they have the same memory of 8GB+128GB. Besides, the external memory can be expanded up to 2TB. And they both run on Android 10.0

Camera Set Comparison

In the aspect of camera, they both have 3 rear cameras. Ulefone Armor 9 has 3 rear camera: 64MP+5MP+2MP. While Oukitel WP7 has 3 rear camera of 48MP+5MP+2MP.

More importantly, armor 9 has a thermal camera while Oukitel WP7 does not have one. Thermal imaging cameras are devices that translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light in order to analyze a particular object or scene. The image produced is known as a thermogram and is analyzed through a process called thermography.

Ulefone Armor 9 VS Oukitel WP7

Ulefone Armor 9 can also support the use of endoscope. It features an external expansion port on the left bottom, which can connect to an endoscope. And the endoscope features a 2-meter cable, and is rated to IP67 waterproof.

This is great for poking into areas where you can’t get your eyeballs into, and is a great tool for engineers. Besides, it is also a must-have practical inspection tool for inspecting or repair work.

Sensors Comparison

Ulefone Armor 9 VS Oukitel WP7

Oukitel wp7 has the following sensors: Fingerprint, Proximity, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Barometer as well as Pedometer. While Ulefone Armor 9 has Fingerprint, Face ID, acceleration Sensor, G-sensor, NFC, Baroceptor, coulombmeter, P-sensor, L-sensor, E-compass as well as Gyroscope.


Above all is the quick review of Ulefone Armor 9 VS Oukitel WP7. From my point of view, Armor 9 does a better job than Oukitel WP7 in most aspects. What’s your opinion? Please feel free to leave your comments below if you have any thoughts or advice.

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