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Ulefone Armor 9: Thermal Camera Flir Rugged Phone for Sale

ulefone armor 9 review

Ulefone Armor 9 is the most hot selling model from Ulefone. Here we will make a quick and brief review of Ulefone Armor 9. Keep reading if you have any interest in this Ulefone rugged phone.


on the outside, the Armor 9 is a highly ruggedized smartphone that’s built from the ground up to take a battering, meeting a whole array of standards, including IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G, which means that it’s happy immersed in water at depths down to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, exposure to high-pressure water jets and steam cleaning, drops from 1.2 meter heights, resists dust, shrugs off acids, and low pressures.

Display & Processor

The 6.3-inch 2340 x 1080 FHD+ 410 PPI LCD multi-touch display with IPS technology is nice and big, and can be operated by gloves. The MediaTek Helio P90 octa-core processor is fast and keeps everything moving along nicely, and the 8GB LPDDR4x dual-channel RAM means there are no UI lags.

Camera Set

The 64MP primary, the 2MP depth, and the FLIR camera, as well as the quad-LED flash, share a common plastic plate on the back of the Armor 9. All snappers are slightly concave, and they won’t have contact with the surface when the phone is lying on its back.

Ulefone Armor 9 has a unique frame with a ton of features all around. The four corners are the first thing that stands out – they are enlarged and enhanced with rubber, aluminum, and plastic.


As for battery the Ulefone Armor 9 packs an impressive battery withing its thick body – it’s a 6,600 mAh unit and sounds beyond promising. It also supports 18W fast wired charging and ships with such a charger. The 18W adapter refills 35% of the depleted battery in 30 mins and 70% in 90 mins. A full charge takes nearly 150 mins. Furthermore, it can be charged via the USB-C port.

Thermal Flir Camera

Here’s that awesome FLIR Lepton thermal camera which is assisted by a 5-megapixel rear camera with a -10℃ – 400℃ range which is an amazing diagnostic tool for technicians. Besides, the measurable Temperature Rang is from -10℃ to 400℃.

ulefone armor 9

Application Scenarios

  • Surveillance: See in total darkness, in parking structures, in alleys.
  • Search & Rescue: Help find missing persons, see-through smoke and light brush.
  • Pest Control: Detect areas of potential entrance points for rodents, find bee and hornet nests Outdoor Adventure: Safety determine if your campfire is out, find and track animals, find members of your party through foliage and in total darkness, check surroundings.
  • Home and Auto: Identify insulation problems, water leaks, window issues, plumbing problems, potential electrical connection issues, automotive issues such as misalignment, brake wear, heating and cooling systems as well as heated seat problems.
  • Pipes & Ducts: Identify blockages in ventilation systems and pipe work, measure temperature of the furnace and water pipes.
  • Professional Use: Building repair, mechanics, electricians, home inspectors, construction industries all can view, create as well as share reports right from their smartphone without the need for a computer.

Endoscope Supported

Armor 9 features an expansion interface for flexible endoscope on the left. The endoscope is waterproof and comes with semi-rigid cable. You can use the endoscope into many hard-to-reach, narrow and confined places at home or outdoors. Such as HVAC, vent pipe, car engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtube pipes, toilets, etc…

Software & Performance

The Armor 9 rugged phone comes with Android 10 out of the box. The software looks a lot like vanilla Android. The home screen, lock screen, notification shade, and the recent apps menu look a lot like those from the stock Android, minus the icons.

Looking deeper into the Settings menu reveals the changes that Ulefone has made – there is AI app launch acceleration, various gestures, nav bar settings, among others. You can also assign up to three different actions on the PTT key. One upon the short press, another one – on long press, and the third option is when you double click it.

ulefone armor 9

Wrap Up

That’s all the information about the review of Ulefone Armor 9. Also, you can buy it through the link we listed above.

In addition, please feel free to leave your comments below if you have any thoughts or advice.

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