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Ulefone Armor 9 Thermal Camera & Endoscope Spec

Ulefone armor 9 endoscope

Ulefone Armor 9 has gained much popularity since its release. It has a thermal Imaging camera and what’s more, it supports the use of endoscope. So it is a very helpful tool in daily life. Here we will introduce the specs of Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera and endoscope.

Camera Specs of Ulefone Armor 9

For the main camera of the Ulefone Armor 9, the choice falls on the Samsung GW1 sensor with 64 megapixel resolution, which we also know from the Realme X3 SuperZoom, for example. The sensor is a solid choice for its price range and produces usable photos.

But you also notice that Ulefone leaves the hardware to itself and hardly any software optimization, which for example Xiaomi still gets the extra 10% quality out of it. There is only a 2 MP portrait sensor, which is unfortunately not more than a gimmick.

The real highlight is the FLIR thermal imaging camera. FLIR is, according to its own statement, “the worldwide market leader in the development, production and distribution of thermal imaging cameras”, so you get quality here.

In addition, there is a separate app for this and two sensors on the back of the camera, which are needed for the photos. In a short test, we think it works pretty well. The thermal imaging camera needs a short time to start, but the app leaves some setting options. You can display the temperature, activate spot measurement, but also create a time-lapse.

What is a Thermal Camera?

Thermal imaging cameras are devices that translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light in order to analyze a particular object or scene. The image produced is known as a thermogram and is analyzed through a process called thermography.

ulefone armor 9 thermal camera

Applications of the Thermal Camera of Ulefone Armor 9

Heating and Cooling Issues

A solid HVAC unit can only take you so far if you have poor insulation in your home, or bad seals around doors and windows. These issues can cause both heat and cool air to rapidly escape, while also letting the outside air in. This results in an overworked HVAC system, and a big increase in your energy bills.


Thermal scanners are often used by police helicopters to see hiding burglars or track someone fleeing a crime scene.

Circuit Boxes and Wall Outlets

Electrical problems are nothing to mess with. Not only can they cause expensive repairs within your property and ruin electrical devices, they are also potentially dangerous. Overheated wall outlets and circuit boxes are telltale signs of a looming problem, if you don’t have an obvious one already.


Thermal cameras allow you to quickly identify if a spot fire or stump is actually out, or just about to reignite. We have sold numerous thermal cameras to the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) and others for conducting ‘mop up’ work after back burning or wildfires. The FLIR TG165 and E5 XT have both been used for this purpose.

Search & Rescue

Thermal imagers have the benefit of being able to see through smoke. As such, they are often used to find out where people are in darkened or smoke-filled rooms.

Animal Health

Animals and pets can’t talk, so sometimes it’s hard to determine if they are having health issues, at least where the specific problem may be located. Heat is always a good indicator of a problem with both humans and animals, especially when it comes to fevers, inflammation, and infections.

Gas Leak Detection

Specially calibrated thermal cameras can be used to detect the presence of certain gases at industrial sites or around pipelines.

Preventative Maintenance

Thermal imagers are used for all kinds of safety checks to reduce the risk of fire or premature product failure. See the electrical and mechanical sections below for more specific examples.

Disease Control

Thermal scanners can quickly check all incoming passengers at airports and other locations for elevated temperature. Thermal cameras can be used to detect fevers during global outbreaks such as SARS, Bird Flu and coronavirus (COVID-19).

Auto Repair

Just as the case is with electrical work and HVAC systems, overheating is a sign of trouble when it comes to automobiles. This is true whether it’s the car’s electrical system and fuse box, or problems found in the engine.

Thermal imaging can help mechanics locate the exact point of a problem within the engine, saving on labor time and avoiding unnecessary disassembly.

Wildlife Hunting

It is similar to military applications, thermal imaging can also be used for hunting (infrared camera rifle scopes, monoculars, etc). With Ulefone Armor 9’s thermal imaging camera, you can detect thermal imaging pictures of animals far away from you. Furthermore, the thermal imaging cameras can find out exactly where possums, rats or other animals are camping out in a roof space. Often without the operator even having to crawl through the roof.

Thermal cameras are also used by ecologists to conduct wildlife surveys and other animal research. It’s often easier, quicker, and kinder than other methods such as trapping.

Introduction of The Endoscope of Ulefone Armor 9

Ulefone Armor 9 also features an external expansion port on the left bottom, which can connect to an endoscope. Furthermore, An endoscope is a must-have practical inspection tool for inspecting or repair work. You can also use it for drain plumber checking, air conditioning detection, automotive repair, wall circuit detection, as well as home appliance checking.

However, the endoscope is not included in the standard version, you need to pay extra fees to buy it.

ulefone armor 9 endoscope

Applications of Endoscope

The endoscope is waterproof and comes with semi-rigid cable. therefore, you can use the endoscope into many hard-to-reach, narrow places at home or outdoors. Such as HVAC, vent pipe, car engines, air conditioners, sofa corners, bathtube pipes, toilets, etc…

Maintenance of the Endoscope

When using the endoscope, the lens will extend into the machine or somewhere dirty. So there may be stains and oil stains on the lens. Most importantly, the lens will be contaminated which will affect its subsequent use if you did not clean the lens in time.

After using the endoscope, you need to clean the lens with water or alcohol. Until you can see the normal image through the lens. Avoid using cleaners to prevent damage to the lens during the cleaning process.

Wrap Up

We believe you will be amazed at the usefulness of these 2 gadgets that Armor 9 comes with after reading this article. Moreover, armor 9 not only comes with these two useful tools, but it also has a high-level configuration. It is a relatively high-end mobile phone among the mobile phones in 2020.

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