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9 Applications of Ulefone Armor 9 Thermal Camera (Part II)

Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera

In our last article, we listed 7 applications of the Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera. So, in this article, we will list the last 9 applications of the Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera.

Firstly, we’d like to share the information about what is a thermal imaging camera.

Definition of Thermal Camera

A thermal camera capture and create an image of an object by using infrared radiation emitted from the object in a process that is called thermal imaging. The created image represents the temperature of the object. The underlying technology of the thermal imaging cameras was first developed for the military. However, the invention of the thermal camera is related to the history of thermography which began in 1960.

How Do Ulefone Armor 9 Thermal Camera Work?

The common standard today for the thermal camera is showing warmer, objects with a yellow-orange hue that gets brighter as the object gets hotter. Colder objects are displayed with a blue or purple color.

Infrared energy has a wavelength starting at approximately 700 nanometers and extends to approximately 1mm. Wavelengths shorter than this begin to be visible by the naked eye. Thermal imaging cameras use this infrared energy to create thermal images.

9 Applications of Ulefone Armor 9 Thermal Camera


Covert surveillance equipment such as listening devices or hidden cameras all consume some energy. These devices give off a tiny amount of waste heat that is clearly visible on a thermal camera (even if hidden inside or behind an object).


Roofs are one of the most significant investments you can make for a property. So it’s important to maintain the roof and address repair issues when they arise, before the issues lead to more issues. Thi s isn’t always easy to do with the naked eye, or without getting up onto the roof yourself.

With a thermal camera, you can inspect your roof from the ground level. And look for areas where heat may be escaping or cool spots that may be where water is accumulating due to shingle damage.

Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera

Plumbing Issues

Problems with plumbing can be especially frustrating, mainly because you can’t see what’s going on in the pipes. You may be able to get a plumbing snake into the drain, but you can’t see through the pipes to see where a clog is — until now.

Thermal imaging can provide you with a much better idea of the water flow in pipes, as well as situations with clogs. You can watch in real-time as you work to loosen the clog while flowing hot water through.

Animal Detecting

Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera can find out exactly where possums, rats or other unwanted animals are camping out in a roof space. Often without the operator even having to crawl through the roof.

Furthermore, it can also find stranded wildlife (such as birds or pets) in hard-to-access areas. Or you can use a thermal camera to find exactly where birds were nesting above my bathroom. Moreover, You can use your thermal camera to detect areas of potential termite activity in buildings. As such, they are often used as a detection tool by termite and building inspectors.

Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera


Thermal imaging was largely developed by the military, so thermal cameras are very helpful for security purposes, especially at night.

This doesn’t necessarily just mean locating people at night, you may find thermal imaging helpful when you are camping, and want to know if that branch you heard snap in the distance was a raccoon or a bear.


It is something you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a thermal imaging device, but when you think about everything it can do, it definitely makes sense. After the upfront cost of purchasing the device, they can undoubtedly save your business or home thousands of dollars or more in potential maintenance and repair costs that might incur if faults, leaks or weaknesses were not identified earlier.

Healthcare and Medicine

The thermal camera also have practical uses, such as to spot fevers and temperature anomalies. This has proven to be especially important in airports. Because thermal camera can quickly and accurately scan all incoming or outgoing passengers for higher temperatures. Therefore, it was crucial during recent outbreaks of diseases like SARS and Ebola.

Additionally, thermal imagers have been proven to help diagnose a range of disorders associated with the neck, back, and limbs, as well as circulatory problems.

Energy, Leakage & Insulation Issues

Thermal scanners can review the effectiveness of, and find gaps in, ceiling and wall insulation. You can also use thermal imaging to check for air leaks. This can be in air conditioning or heater ducting as well as around window and door frames and other building elements. Besides, it is also very helpful to show how much energy hot water pipes and tanks are losing to their surroundings. An infrared camera can also find defects in refrigeration and cool room insulation.

Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera

For Fun

Fun uses are available as well! There are a plethora of enjoyable, hobby-related things you can do with Ulefone Armor 9. Such as to find birds and other fauna when out on hikes. Or you can compare relative temperatures of drinks, to even picking out cooler spots in a room!

However, it’s important to recognize that while thermal imaging has all these applications, it’s often best to use additional instruments or tools when appropriate to confirm what you’re seeing. Additionally, it’s worth noting that thermal cameras are unable to see through walls and objects. But rather, they only pick up what’s reflected off them.

Wrap Up

All above information is about the 9 applications of Ulefone Armor 9 thermal camera. Additionally, you can buy it on UlefoneMobile.com with free shipping and special promotion.

If you are interested in the former 7 application of Ulefone armor 9 thermal camera, you can find them in the link below.

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