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Ulefone Armor 9 Review: Full Specs, Technical Data, Price

Ulefone Armor 9 review

Ulefone Armor 9 is an indestructible smartphone with a thermal imaging function. What’s more, it supports the use of an endoscope. So it gained much popularity since its release among its consumers. Today, we are going to make the most complete Ulefone Armor 9 review with its full specs, technical data as well as prices.

Keep reading if you are interested in Ulefone Armor 9 review. Firstly, let’s take a look at the parameters of Armor 9.

Parameters of Ulefone Armor 9

  • OS: Android 10
  • Color: Black
  • USB: Type-C
  • CPU: MediaTek Helio P90
  • Memory: 8GB ROM+128GB RAM
  • Display: 6.3‑inch (diagonal)
  • Resolution: 2340 x 1080 FHD+ 410 PPI
  • Front Camera: 8MP selfie camera
  • Rear Camera: 64MP super Camera
  • Battery of Ulefone Armor 9: 6600mAh Battery
  • Charging: Supports 18W fast charging
  • Battery Standby Time: Up to 510 Hours
  • Talk Time: Up to 42 Hours
  • Fingerprint Unlock: Yes
  • Face Unlock: Yes
  • SIM Card: Dual Nano-SIM slots

Durability of Armor 9

The Ulefone Armor 9 is one durable, thick, and heavy smartphone, yet beautiful in its own way. The Ulefone Armor 9 meets a whole list of advanced performance standards, including IP68, IP69K as well as MIL-STD-810G.

Therefore, It is tough enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sudden drop. It is also resistant to a depth of 1.5m underwater for 30 minutes and drops tested from 1.2 meters thanks to the enhanced corners and rear panel, as well as the additional plastic frame that engulfs the screen’s glass. It is an ideal device built to handle exposure to very dusty or sandy environments and similar industrial environments without compromising performance.

Finally, Armor 9 is also compliant with numerous MIL-STD-810G standards for temperature and altitude shocks, solar radiation endurance, acid atmosphere, transport shock, high humidity, among others.

The Armor 9’s exterior is rich in materials – you can see and feel metal, rubber, different types of plastics, as well as glass, of course. It was designed to endure all sorts of torture and accidents, and you would believe Ulefone’s claims the moment you lay eyes on the Armor 9. It is indeed wearing one heavy armor.

Ulefone Armor 9 review

Display of Ulefone Armor 9

Ulefone Armor 9 has a 6.3-inch 2340 x 1080 FHD+ 410 PPI LCD multi-touch display with IPS technology. The screen is nice and big and also you can operate it with gloves. The screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner.

There is also a droplet-shaped notch on Armor 9. There are a bunch of sensors and a tri-color (RGB) LED notification light above the screen notch and then – the earpiece grille.

Thermal Camera

Ulefone Armor 9 review

As you may have known that Ulefone Armor 9 has a thermal imaging camera that is really functional.

There is an awesome FLIR Lepton thermal camera on Armor 9. Furthermore, the camera is a set by a 5-megapixel rear camera with a -10℃ – 400℃ range which is an amazing diagnostic tool for technicians. The Te-tracell and integrated 3D HDR technology let you capture more detailed images and videos.

Moreover, the thermal camera can locate the heat source and translates it into a thermal image that you can see the temperature. Therefore, it is important in electrical and pipeline maintenance, outdoor adventures, emergency rescues.

In addition, there are a 64MP primary, the 2MP depth lens as well as the quad-LED flash, share a common plastic plate on the back of the Armor 9.

Endoscope Supported

It features an external expansion port on the left bottom, which can connect to an endoscope. And the endoscope features a 2-meter cable, and is rated to IP67 waterproof.

This is great for poking into areas where you can’t get your eyeballs into, and is a great tool for engineers. Besides, it is also a must-have practical inspection tool for inspecting or repair work.

Battery Information of Armor 9

The 6600mAh non-removable battery of Armor 9 gives the smartphone a good battery backup. It also supports 18W fast wired charging and ships with such a charger. The 18W adapter refills 35% of the depleted battery in 30 mins and 70% in 90 mins. A full charge takes nearly 150 mins.

The battery sounds beyond promising and the battery capacity of armor 9 is bigger than most rugged phones on the market.

Hardware and Software

Ulefone Armor 9 review

Ulefone Armor 9 runs on the Android 10 system. The home screen, lock screen, notification shade, and the recent apps menu look a lot like those from the stock Android, minus the icons.

It also employs the MediaTek Helio P90 chip just like the Armor 7. The Helio P90 features an octa-core processor with two large Cortex-A75 cores clocked at 2.2GHz and six smaller, energy-efficient Corext-A55 cores working at 2.0GHz.

Finally, the Armor 9 packs 8GB of RAM and comes with 128GB UFS2.1 storage. A microSD memory expansion is available via a hybrid-SIM slot.

Other Features of Armor 9

The phone’s accelerometer is a built-in electronic component that measures tilt and motion. A fingerprint sensor is one of the easiest and most secure ways to protect your smartphone. The proximity sensor detects when a user is holding the phone near their face during a call and turns off the display to prevent keypad presses and battery consumption from the display.

Additionally, Armor 9 has Dual SIM capability, which means that you can insert two different SIM cards and use them both from one phone.


Armor 9 is 3G and 4G capable. This smartphone has a built-in GPS receiver. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that allows the determination of the exact geographical location on Earth. The Armor 9 comes with Near Field Communications (NFC) functionality for transferring content with other NFC-enabled devices.

Frequency Bands of Armor 9 Smartphone

2G Network
GSM: B2/3/5/8CDMA 1X: BC0/BC1
3G Network
4G Network
LTE-FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28A/28B/66LTE-TDD: B34/38/39/40/41

Wrap Up

Above all is the information about Ulefone Armor 9 review. We are impressed by the function of thermal imaging and the endoscope of Armor 9. It is also a pro tool rugged phone for many consumers with affordable price and high-end configurations.

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